Landlord wants a check?
We'll take it from here.

It doesn't matter what your landlord prefers, use WalkUp to pay rent online for free and you'll never write a check again.

Here's How WalkUp Works

Sign Up for WalkUp

Sign up in 60 seconds by choosing your payment method and entering your landlord's info, it doesn't matter how your landlord likes to be paid

We Handle Your Payment

We'll mail a check to your landlord for you and guarantee delivery before the due date.

Sit Back and Relax

You'll be notified once your rent has been succesfully received by your landlord.


Why Use WalkUp?

No More Checks

Throw out those checks and postage stamps. Why do they still exist anyway?

Made For You

WalkUp is made for renters just like you. It works without your Landlord needing to sign up.

It's Free

WalkUp is completely free to use for all bank payments.

Peace Of Mind

Guaranteed on time payment means that you will never have to worry about late fees again.

Pay Rent Online For Free

Never write a check again. Use WalkUp to easily pay rent online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my landlord need to be signed up?

No, your landlord does not need to be signed up to WalkUp. (They’ve never signed up to anything that would help you, why would they start now?)

I have roommates; can we pay rent together?

Yes. You can sign up to WalkUp individually and easily link your accounts to make payments as a group.

What methods of payment can I use?

You can pay online at WalkUp with your favorite method of payment. Choose from ACH, debit card, credit card or Apple Pay

How much does WalkUp cost?

WalkUp is completely free for all direct bank (ACH) payments. There is a 2.90% charge for non ACH payments such as credit cards.

What else can WalkUp help me with?

We will be releasing new features soon that will continue to make the experience better for renters.

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